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Disillusioned by the Actual

In the beginning of M. John Harrison’s 2004 scifi novel Light, Michael Kearney is a 1999 scientist on the verge of learning the “truth,” the nonexistence human of time/space. the novel asks, what is reality for the human when you take away the physics? What happens when anything can exist and reality is a simulation? an excerpt reads:

“Towards the end of things, someone asked Michael Kearney, ‘How do you see yourself spending the first minute of the new millennium ‘ This was their idea of an after-dinner game up in some bleak Midlands town where he had gone to give a talk. Wintry rain dashed at the windows of the private dining room and ran down them in the orange streetlight. Answers followed one another round the table with a luminous predictability, some sly, some decent, all optimistic. They would drink until they fell down, have sex, watch fireworks or the endless sunrise from a moving jet.”

Kearney’s answer: “Driving someone else’s car between two cities I don’t know.”

Perhaps this is the direction postmodern people are moving in today. Technology and discovery is continually challenging us to redefine was aspects of human feeling can continue to exist, grow, and remain “human.” This is a question I’d like to explore through small increments of writing, quotes, art and news through my blog.


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