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Sign, Light details?


Old Chicago, Postcards and Photographs

More reference photos for the street scene (and first, maybe only scene) I’d like to make.

flapper outfits, 1920s dresses

More notes for character design for my one and only main character! (so far) I am considering a switch to short orange/red hair, but going want to keep her a little spunky and messy. Watch me make a monster/mess of this girl, but hopefully there will be many more new projects to try things out.

maybe a little bit tom-boy?? 

Industrial Expansion, Scene Sets

The next area (and probably main) area for my project is going to be set design. For this part of my project, I would like to start by creating a 3D environment that takes some ideas from europe during the industrial revolution, and begin to mix that with more early twentieth century neon lights, factories, and flapper culture, to set up a (hopefully)gritty and bright night scene. Here are some beginning photos from germany/manchester during the industrial era to get started.

Works by Yoko Ono

Rauschenberg and Johns: National Day of Silence

1920s Paris