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Industrial Expansion, Scene Sets

The next area (and probably main) area for my project is going to be set design. For this part of my project, I would like to start by creating a 3D environment that takes some ideas from europe during the industrial revolution, and begin to mix that with more early twentieth century neon lights, factories, and flapper culture, to set up a (hopefully)gritty and bright night scene. Here are some beginning photos from germany/manchester during the industrial era to get started.


Ando Tadao

Meoto Iwa: Wedded Rocks

Katsura Villa

1920s Paris

Oxford, England

Last summer I’d studied victorian lit at the Oxford New College, and trecked through parts of Scottland and Southern England. Something about tonight reminds me of the exciting, small college town with it’s well dressed residents and tourists, small pubs and bookshops, and old English atmosphere.

Itsukushima Shrine: Re-appropriation of Tradition?

Itsukushima Shrine, first erected in the sixth century, had been a private Shinto shrine of a local Daimyo in Hiroshima. Today, it is a World Heritage Site as well as an icon on Japanese culture. Many see the shrine’s sacred gate erected in the water as an extension of human spirituality into the sublime.